Week 13 | Home Spelling Words

Week 13 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
beauty Beauty is the quality of a person or thing. Basic
inner Inner beauty is the development of strong qualities inside. Basic
patience I will have patience. Basic
conscience a inner understanding to let a person know when an action is right or wrong. Basic
virtue goodness, right living , good quality Basic
salvation the condition of being saved or from danger or evil Basic
physical our physical beauty is how we take care of ourselves Basic
pedicure I love to have a pedicure Basic
posture Always have good posture. Basic
nutrition The best advice for nutrition is to eat right. Basic
clean always keep yourself clean. Basic
teeth Brush your teeth everyday. Basic
hair Keep your hair brushed and clean. Basic
hygiene Keep good hygiene Basic
exercise To stay healthy you need to exercise. Basic
tactful to not hurt or offend others Basic
manners Have good manners Basic
communication To talk and listen is to have communication. Basic
value to have worth or importance Basic
wellness being in good health Basic