Week 2 | Home Spelling Words

Week 2 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
snow I can’t wait for the first snow. Basic
grind You should grind the herb into a fine powder. Basic
still Stay still while I fix your tie. Basic
coast I took a vacation to the coast last year. Basic
odd I thought it was odd that she didn’t invite us. Basic
crime It’s a crime to steal. Basic
gold The gold necklace was very beautiful. Basic
wrote He wrote many books about elephants. Basic
flight The flight was very long and boring. Basic
build She likes to build bridges with blocks all day. Basic
broke My little sister broke her new bike. Basic
blind The sun was so bright, I was blind for a moment. Basic
folks The folks in the country are very friendly. Basic
grown My father had grown a beard during the winter. Basic
shock I was in shock over the high priced doll. Basic
ripe The pumpkins were nearly ripe. Basic
coal Many people used to burn coal for heat. Basic
sigh He let out a sigh of relief. Basic
built My sister built a wonderful diorama. Basic
inch The pant legs should be one inch shorter. Basic