Oct. 3rd-7th | Home Spelling Words

Oct. 3rd-7th | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
truck The truck is red. Basic
chop I chop the veggies. Basic
front My mother parks her car in the front of the house. Basic
trust I have to learn to trust people. Basic
such The table was such a mess. Basic
jog My sister and I jog a mile every day. Basic
lump The frog looks like a lump on a log. Basic
stuff My family has a lot of stuff. Basic
lock Please lock the door behind you. Basic
crumb The ant took the crumb back to his queen. Basic
crunchy I do not like crunchy peanut butter. Basic
topic I have to write a topic sentence for my paragraph. Basic
pumpkin Pumpkin pie is my favorite snack. Basic
led He led the pack through the forest. Basic
shock I am shocked that you said that word. Basic
know I know my math facts. Basic
frost I saw frost on the ground. Basic
odd One and three are examples of odd numbers. Basic
sketch David likes to sketch in his book. Basic
switch My sister likes to play with the light switch. Basic