Oct. 9th-Oct. 15 | Home Spelling Words

Oct. 9th-Oct. 15 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
because I love my sister because she loves me. Basic
cousin My cousin is named Richard. Basic
friend I made a new friend at the football game. Basic
neighbor My neighbor has a lot of dogs. Basic
weigh The weigh of the books made the bookcase fall down. Basic
feel I feel happy today. Basic
leave We leave the lights on at my house. Basic
almost My birthday is almost here. Basic
also I also like apples. Basic
cannot Maya cannot go outside by herself. Basic
always My mother always says her prayers at night. Basic
until I will write you until we met again. Basic
again Do we have to listen to beat it again? Basic
tomorrow The sun will come out, tomorrow. Basic
through My dad drove through the town. Basic
watch My parents watch the news in the morning. Basic
knee My knee bone is connected to my leg bone. Basic
sight What does ’You are a sight for sore eyes’ mean? Basic
might If I ask my mom, I might be able to go. Basic
eight I am eight years old. Basic