Oct. 24th - Oct. 28 | Home Spelling Words

Oct. 24th - Oct. 28 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
please Can I have a treat, please? Basic
sea The sea is larger than the ocean. Basic
peek Can I get a peek? Basic
leaf The red leaf is on the tree. Basic
sweet Candy tastes sweet. Basic
seed A might oak can grow from a little seed. Basic
neat The library is very neat. Basic
afraid My sister is afraid of the dark. Basic
weekly My class has a weekly spelling test. Basic
easel Maya has a pink easel to paint on. Basic
delay Get me the papers without delay. Basic
easy Third grade math is not always easy. Basic
explain Can you explain to me how you got that answer? Basic
squeal The girl squealed with delight when she saw her gift. Basic
lazy The lazy dog did not get a bone. Basic
secret I have a secret code for my journal. Basic
human I am a human being. Basic
music Dan enjoys listening to the music of Micheal Jackson. Basic
silent The house was silent when my sister is sleeping. Basic
shining The starts were shining bright tonight. Basic