Nov. 7th - Nov. 10 | Home Spelling Words

Nov. 7th - Nov. 10 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
paint I like to paint with my sister. Basic
clay Clay is harder than play dough. Basic
feel They feel happy. Basic
leave You may leave at any time. Basic
neighbor Mr. Rodgers is not my neighbor. Basic
eight She is eight years old. Basic
seem It seems to me that everyone is tired. Basic
speak Dan likes to speak about transformers. Basic
paid Sam gets paid five dollars for doing the dishes. Basic
lay The chicken will lay an egg. Basic
need Mom needs a rest sometimes. Basic
needle My grandma uses a needle and thread to fix my shirt. Basic
crayon My dad buys me new crayons every school year. Basic
escape The rebels try to escape from the Jedi. Basic
slope We went skiing on a downward slope. Basic
mine My sister likes to say 'mine' a lot. Basic
smile My dentist said that I have a great smile. Basic
grade We are in the third grade. Basic
note My mother sent a note to school for the teacher. Basic
love I love my family. Basic