Nov. 14th - Nov. 18th | Home Spelling Words

Nov. 14th - Nov. 18th | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
choose I choose to do the right thing. Basic
view The room has a view of the ocean. Basic
foolish Dan was acting foolish. Basic
jewel A diamond is a type of jewel. Basic
noodle He likes cheese on his noodles. Basic
cartoon My sister watches the cartoon network channel. Basic
rooster The rooster lives on the farm. Basic
proofread My teacher tells me to proofread my work before handing it in. Basic
spoonful A spoonful of medicine can make a person feel all better. Basic
moose We saw a moose in the field. Basic
cruel Some people can be cruel. Basic
stew Marcus likes to make a turkey stew. Basic
dew The dew was on the flowers in the morning. Basic
bruise He has a bruise on his leg. Basic
juice Sally had grape juice with her lunch. Basic
droopy My eyes were getting droopy. Basic
suit My grandmother bought me a new suit. Basic
fruit My family eats all types of fruits. Basic
crew The ship has a crew of seven people. Basic