Nov. 28th - Dec. 2nd | Home Spelling Words

Nov. 28th - Dec. 2nd | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
highlight The book has important words highlighted. Basic
lilac Lilac is a flower and a color. Basic
frightening It is frightening to start a new class. Basic
pilot A pilot flies planes and jets. Basic
silent I played the song "Silent Night" on my recorder. Basic
lightning We heard the thunder and saw the lightning. Basic
sigh My class let out a sigh when we heard that there would be two test this week. Basic
write My mother likes to write thank you cards. Basic
spice My family uses different spices when we cook. Basic
spider Mary is afraid of spiders. Basic
rider The rider of the white horse won a prize at the rodeo. Basic
sliding We went sliding down the snow covered hill. Basic
biting Teeth are not for biting I tell my sister. Basic
diving Ben went diving in the big, blue ocean. Basic
replies We got ten replies to my birthday invitations. Basic
supplies We need all types of camping supplies in October. Basic
fried Eating too much fried food is bad for your diet. Basic
fries My aunt fries everything she cooks. Basic
pirate The mascot for Hampton University’s football team is a pirate. Basic
climate A climate is the average weather conditions for an area. Basic
Boastfulness showing off Super Challenge
Clever smart Super Challenge
Folktale traditional story Super Challenge
Greediness selfish desire for more and more and more Super Challenge
Mischief bad behavior Super Challenge
Qualities features that makes a person special (kind, helpful) Super Challenge