Dec. 5th - Dec. 9th | Home Spelling Words

Dec. 5th - Dec. 9th | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
untrue The opposite of untrue is true. Basic
review I review my spelling words every night. Basic
unhealthy It is unhealthy to eat sugar all day. Basic
officer The officer helped me when I was lost. Basic
quietly We quietly read our books in class. Basic
graceful The dancers were very graceful. Basic
revisit I would like to revisit the south one day. Basic
unbuckle Do not unbuckle your seat belt until the car stops moving. Basic
remind I have to remind my dad to give me my allowance. Basic
unready Is unready really a word? Basic
unable We are unable to complete the test by noon. Basic
listener To be a good student, you must be a great listener. Basic
calmly In case of a fire, calmly walk down the stairs. Basic
safely Please use the scissors safely. Basic
wonderful My family watches "It’s a Wonderful Life" on t.v. every year. Basic
skier My uncle is a great skier. Basic
colorful My room is very colorful. Basic
uncover I like to uncover mysteries. Basic
unplug We have to unplug the lamp, so that my sister will be safe. Basic
return My mother returns from her trip on Monday. Basic
research My class has to research information for a project. Basic
custom a way of doing things Challenge
ancestor relative who lived long ago Challenge
citizen an official member of a community Challenge
opportunity a chance for something better to happen Challenge
Great Migration African-Americans left forms in the South to move North for jobs Challenge
immigrant a person who moves into a country and lives there Challenge
migration moving from one part of a country to live in another part Challenge
ethnic group group of people who have the same culture Challenge
symbol an object that represents something else Challenge
beats pulses that are the basic units of rhythm Super Challenge
lines rows of words printed or written across a page or column (almost like a sentence in poetry) Super Challenge
pattern a combination of features, actions, or events that are repeated in a recognizable arrangement Super Challenge
rhyme words that have the same sound Super Challenge
rhythm a series of pulses that repeat in a regular order Super Challenge
stanzas groups of lines that make up divisions of a poem (almost like a paragraph in poetry) Super Challenge