Dec. 12-16 | Home Spelling Words

Dec. 12-16 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
happily We lived happily ever after. Basic
correctly The man answered the question correctly on the game show. Basic
clearly With her hearing aid, the student could clearly hear her teacher. Basic
hourly Some people get an hourly wage. Basic
certainly I can certainly understand the problem. Basic
redo You will redo the paper for science class. Basic
refill We get refills on our medicine every month. Basic
reuse Some people reuse the same cloth bags every time they go to the store. Basic
renew He must renew his permit. Basic
thankful My family is thankful for all the time we get to spend together. Basic
quickly Quickly, clean up before mom gets home. Basic
useful The computer is a very useful tool. Basic
kindly The boy was acting kindly to the dog. Basic
rewrite My mom makes me rewrite my sentences every Monday. Basic
unclear It is unclear weather he knows how to do the work or is just lazy. Basic
unwrap I love to unwrap gifts. Basic
rejoin We have to rejoin boy scouts every year. Basic
unfold We watch as the plot of the play unfolds in front of our eyes. Basic
playful. The puppy is very playful. Basic
slowly Get up slowly, said the cop. Basic