April 16-20 | Home Spelling Words

April 16-20 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
caught I caught a fish in the pond. Basic
thought I thought I had enough money for the video game, but I did not. Basic
bought My sister bought the video game for me. Basic
brought Mary brought the chalk to the teacher. Basic
laugh We like to laugh. Basic
through My dad drove through the red light by accident. Basic
enough ’That’s enough’ my teacher shouted after three students asked the same question in a row. Basic
fought Mark and Micheal fought yesterday, but are friends today. Basic
daughter My sister is my father’s daughter. Basic
taught Ms. Sarah taught me in the first grade. Basic
ought The word ought is a helping verb. Basic
cough My cousin has a very bad cough. Basic
balloon My sister and I got two balloons from the resturant. Basic
sudden The accident happen all of a sudden. Basic
happen I had to write what happened during my spring break. Basic
follow My sister will follow me every where I go. Basic
dollar Four quarters make a dollar. Basic
hello Ahola is another way to say Hello. Basic
pretty Ciara is pretty. Basic
tomorrow I have a cub scout meeting tomorrow. Basic
vaccine Which of these is a weak or killed form of a disease that is given to people? Challenge
Transcontinental Railroad What linked the eastern United States to the West? Challenge
Pony Express What was the system of delivering the mail on horseback called? Challenge
Morse Code What series of telegraph signals stood for letters and words? Challenge
invention What is something that is made for the first time called? Challenge
reaper What is the name of a machine that cuts grain? Challenge
Pasteurization Which is a process developed by Louis Pasteur? Challenge
broadcast What is another word for "sent out"? Challenge