April 23-27 | Home Spelling Words

April 23-27 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
helper My aunt says that I am a good helper. Basic
unfair I feel it is unfair that I have to clean up after my little sister. Basic
friendly Mr. Carl is very friendly. Basic
unhappy Maya is unhappy when it is bedtime. Basic
remake My mother has me remake my bed if it is not done correctly. Basic
careful You must be careful when you cook in the kitchen. Basic
hopeful There are a lot of hopeful people in the world. Basic
unlike My elementary school is unlike my preschool. Basic
retell My parents like to retell the story of the night my sister was born. Basic
sadly Sadly, she had to tell her children that the kitten was hurt. Basic
unhurt We were unhurt in the car accident. Basic
unimportant The opposite of important is unimportant. Basic
silently Santa Claus silently comes into houses at Christmas. Basic
farewell Farewell is another way of saying good-bye. Basic
flair There is a girl in my class that has a flair about her. Basic
moving My cub scout friend is moving in a month. Basic
libraries I know where the libraries are in my community. Basic
stubborn My father calls my sister stubborn. Basic
expect My parents expect for me to get A’s and B’s. Basic