Week 3 | Home Spelling Words

Week 3 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
moose A moose is the largest species of deer. Basic
cobra The venom from a cobra can take down an elephant. Basic
alligator A male alligator can be thirteen feet long. Basic
vanilla Do you like vanilla or chocolate ice cream? Basic
banana I love banana cream pie. Basic
tomato Are you allergic to a tomato? Basic
mustard I always put mustard on my hot dog. Basic
hula Do you know how to hula? Basic
picnic I have a picnic planned for tomorrow. Basic
barbecue Do you like to barbecue chicken or steak? Basic
crocodile A crocodile tucks its feet into its side when it swims. Basic
coyote The coyote evolved in North America. Basic
koala A koala is native to Australia. Basic
macaroni Do you like macaroni and cheese? Basic
catsup Catsup is a thick spicy sauce made from tomatoes. Basic
polka Do you know how to do a polka dance? Basic
ballet The Nutcracker ballet was phenomenal. Basic
waltz Are you familiar with the waltz? Basic
banquet The banquet was for five hundred guests. Basic
buffet What is your favorite place that has a buffet? Basic
sauerkraut Do you like sauerkraut at all? Challenge
investigation The investigation didn’t last very long. Challenge
exhibition The Lewis and Clark exhibition was interesting. Challenge
prescription The prescription would expire in three months. Challenge