Week 7 | Home Spelling Words

Week 7 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
crime It is a crime to steal money. Basic
criminal The criminal went to jail for one year. Basic
except He ate all the dinner except the salad. Basic
exception The exception to the rule is for the other students. Basic
combine It is easy to combine mustard and ketchup. Basic
combination The pizza was a combination pepperoni and Hawaiian. Basic
imitate The boy likes to imitate his sister. Basic
imitation The chili was made with imitation meat. Basic
operate The doctor has to operate right away. Basic
operation It is important to follow the math operation correctly. Basic
academy Lynden Academy is a great school! Basic
academic Nathan received the academic excellence award. Basic
depart Now is the time to depart for the bus. Basic
departure Go to the departure gate to catch the plane. Basic
inspire The music was used to inspire the troops to fight. Basic
inspiration My teacher was an inspiration. Basic
participate It is time to participate in sports. Basic
participation Participation is required to receive a good grade. Basic
regulate The laws regulate fishing. Basic
regulation The driver had to look up the regulation for stop signs. Basic