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list 2 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
admire I really admire rick for working so hard. Basic
canyon I wanted to go see the grand canyon. Basic
lemonade I made a gallon of lemonade. Basic
method We studied the correct method for planting a seed. Basic
distance The store is quite a distance from our house. Basic
modern I do not like the modern style furniture Basic
comedy The class play was a comedy written by shakespeare. Basic
reluctant I was reluctant to speak in front of the class Basic
clumsy She is very clumsy and accident prone. Basic
magnify I will magnify the Lord. Basic
cannon The soldier shot the cannon during the reenactment Basic
decorate I helped mom decorate the christmas tree Basic
strict We always abide by the strict rules. Basic
injury Beth had a head injury during the soccer game Basic
tissue I need a tissue to blow my nose. Basic
honesty Honesty is always better than lying. Basic
property I saw a deer on our property. Basic
dungeon The princess was locked in the dungeon. Basic
adequate Eight hours was an adequate amount of sleep. Basic
reconcile Morgan and I agreed to reconcile after the fight. Basic