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list three

Ie list | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
ceiling I saw a bug on the ceiling Basic
receipt The Cashier gave me a receipt Basic
deceive She told a lie in order to deceive her mother. Basic
neither I wanted neither soup nor salad for dinner. Basic
field We played soccer in the field. Basic
achieve I want to achieve an A in Language class. Basic
belief Being a christian is having belief in God. Basic
relief Getting my hoomework done was a big relief. Basic
leisure Mom told my i could take my time and read at my leisure. Basic
receiver An antenna is a type of receiver. Basic
seize The king told the guards to seize the intruder. Basic
conceited She is very conceited and thinks she is very pretty. Basic
niece Brianna is my niece. Basic
grief I felt so much grief when my grandmother died. Basic
deceitful Lying is very deceitful. Basic
retrieval We tried to use a vaccum in the retrieval of the baseball. Basic
unwieldy The elephant was in a bad mood and very unwieldy. Basic
grievance We filed a grievance with the court of appeals. Basic
yield I had to yield at the intersection. Basic
shield Knights would carry a shield as part of their protection. Basic
protein Fish is a good source of protein. Basic
brief Our visit to the hospital was brief. Basic