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Word Search Game

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Play our word search game online using your words or ours. To get started, subscribe to Home Spelling Words, add a list of words, then go to the games tab and select word search. You can also print your custom word search from there. Our games are dynamic, so every time you play our word search game, it generates a new grid.

Our Word Search Game can be played on three levels: easy, medium, and hard. The easy level places all of the words horizontally. It also makes the grid as small as possible so that your student can find their words more easily. The medium level allows words to be placed horizontally and vertically. This will make the Word Search more challenging than the easy level. If your student would like to play at the hard level, they will see that words are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and backward. The hard level of our Word Search is perfect for older students and even adults who like a good challenge!

Use the Word Search Maker for Printables

Use the Word Search Maker to create a word search with your own spelling list. Every time you reset the game it mixes up the words and changes the Word Search so it is fresh and interactive. To play, highlight the words with your mouse and they get crossed off your list until you are done. To mix up the words and play again, simply click the play button. This Word Search game is one of many fun dynamic interactive spelling activities available on Home Spelling Words.

Holiday Themed Word Search Printables

Holiday themed word searches are available and growing. Click on the links below to print a fun holiday word search for your students.