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St. Patrick's Day Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
green The shamrock is green. Basic
clover The field is full of clover. Basic
lucky Fiona is always lucky. Basic
Irish My dad is Irish. Basic
rainbow A pot of gold is hidden at the end of the rainbow. Basic
March St. Patrick's Day is in the month of March. Basic
gold The black pot is full of gold coins. Basic
wish I wish I was in a parade. Basic
saint The parade had a statue of a saint in it. Basic
holiday My favorite holiday is St. Patrick's Day. Basic
shamrock The company's logo is a shamrock. Challenge
St. Patrick's Day I will wear green on St. Patrick's Day. Challenge
leprechaun The little leprechaun is trying to hide his gold. Challenge
Ireland My aunt visited Ireland last year. Challenge
Erin go Braugh Erin go Braugh is often translated as Ireland forever. Challenge