Halloween Spelling Words

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Halloween Word Search

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Halloween Spelling List
Word Practice Sentence Type
ghost There were little ghost decorations on the wall. Basic
witch The witch was flying on her broom. Basic
candy corn We will give out candy corn to the children. Basic
skeleton The skeleton costume is my favorite. Basic
scarecrow We stuffed a scarecrow and put it in the yard. Basic
bones The candy was in the shape of bones. Basic
mummy The mummy made groaning noises as he shuffled along. Basic
bats There are bats hanging from the rooftop. Basic
monster The monster was green and scary. Basic
orange The pumpkin is orange. Basic
spooky The old house was creepy and spooky. Basic
potions The old witch mixed up a bunch of potions. Basic
spider The spider crawled up the wall. Basic
vampire The book about the vampire family was really fun to read. Basic
skull The students learned how to draw a skull. Basic
Halloween What will you dress up as for Halloween. Challenge
pumpkin Let's carve a pumpkin. Challenge
October Halloween is on the last day of October. Challenge
haunted house We will go to the haunted house tonight. Challenge
trick-or-treat We will all trick-or-treat together. Challenge