Thanksgiving Spelling List

Printable Thanksgiving Word Search

Thanksgiving Word Search

Themed Spelling Lists

Word Practice Sentence Type
turkey I enjoy eating turkey. Basic
gravy We make a lot of gravy for dinner. Basic
green beans My aunt always makes green beans. Basic
pumpkin pie My favorite dessert is pumpkin pie. Basic
harvest The farmer will harvest his crops. Basic
yams I prefer yams over mashed potatoes. Basic
November Thanksgiving is in November. Basic
Thursday Thanksgiving is always on Thursday. Basic
pilgrims The early settlers were called pilgrims. Basic
maize Corn is another word for maize. Basic
family I am thankful for my family. Basic
Native American The Native American people helped early settlers. Basic
apples I love to eat apples. Basic
cranberries The cranberries are a beautiful red color. Basic
parade Will you be part of the parade this year? Basic
napkin Do you have an extra napkin? Basic
squash My grandma bakes squash for dinner. Basic
autumn The autumn leaves make everything colorful. Challenge
cornucopia The cornucopia makes a perfect centerpiece. Challenge
Thanksgiving My family always gets together on Thanksgiving. Super Challenge