Mother's Day List

Themed Spelling Lists

Mother's Day Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
mom I love my mom. Basic
family My mom is part of my family. Basic
kiss My mom gives me a kiss goodnight. Basic
May Mother's Day is in May. Basic
protect My mom will protect me. Basic
parent A mom is also known as a parent. Basic
happy A mom makes me feel happy. Basic
proud My mom is proud of me for studying for my spelling test. Basic
special My mom is a special person to me. Basic
woman A mom is a woman who raises a child. Basic
support My mom will support me and help me. Basic
love How much do you love your mom? Basic
hugged Have you hugged your mom today? Basic
mother My mother picks me up from school. Basic
best My mom is the best mom in the world! Basic
flowers I bought flowers for my mother. Challenge
bedtime My mom will read me a bedtime story tonight. Challenge
chocolate I will buy my mom a chocolate rose. Challenge
gratitude It is important to show gratitude toward your mother. Challenge
breakfast I will make my mom breakfast for Mother's Day. Challenge