St. Valentine's Day Spelling Words

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Valentine's Day Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
candy I will give candy to my classmates. Basic
roses I like red roses best. Basic
love The word love is stamped onto the heart shaped candy. Basic
cupid That little winged boy with the arrow is called cupid. Basic
gift I will give my friend a gift. Basic
kiss Let me kiss you on the cheek. Basic
friendship Our friendship will last forever. Basic
red The hearts are red. Basic
pink The candies are mostly pink. Basic
hugs I gave my mom so many hugs that she was surprised. Basic
party Please dress up when you come to my party. Basic
arrow The little cupid is holding an arrow. Basic
admirer You have a secret admirer. Basic
white Bring white paper doilies to the party. Basic
kindness Your kindness is a great example to others. Basic
sweetheart I will ask her to be my sweetheart. Challenge
chocolate I particularly like dark chocolate. Challenge
St. Valentine's Day What will you do for St. Valentine's Day? Challenge
bouquet I sent a bouquet of roses. Challenge
February My birthday is in February. Challenge