First Grade Spelling List 1 - 1st Grade Spelling Words

Our 1st Grade Spelling List #1 uses a beach theme and there are many words that end in ell so that students can learn to associate the pattern with the sound.
First Grade List #1
Spelling Word Practice Sentence Type
spell I can spell anything. Basic
shell I found a pretty shell at the beach. Basic
bell Did you hear the bell on the boat? Basic
tell Let me tell you a story about lobsters. Basic
fell I almost fell down on the sand Basic
sell I tried to sell my sand castle. Basic
yell Please don't yell at the dog. Basic
beach The beach is only one mile from here. Challenge
July July is the perfect time to go on vacation Challenge
towel The beach towel is yellow and orange. Challenge

Offline Learning Activity

Pull up online maps or get an Atlas out and work together to find the nearest beach. Have you visited that beach? If so talk about it. What did you do there? Do you think there are lobsters nearby?

If you have not visited that beach, learn more about that beach. What state is it in? What kinds of wildlife live in the water or on the beach? Talk about different kinds of beaches.

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