2nd Grade Spelling List 1

Second Grade Spelling Lists

Week 1
Word Practice Sentence Type
they I think they will bring some blueberry pie. Basic
it I think it will be nice if you could bring a fruit salad. Basic
his Joe made his favorite pizza. Basic
nut This nut will be delicious on top of that cake. Basic
bite I took a bite out of my bagel. Basic
on Spread some jelly on top of the toast. Basic
egg I like to have one egg and a piece of toast for breakfast. Basic
dig I like to dig up potatoes. Basic
bag You'll have to close that bag of candy now. Basic
ate I ate too many fruit snacks today. Basic
limit There's a limit to how many chocolates one can eat. Challenge
amount The amount of flour you've added won't be enough. Challenge
grown We've grown too many cucumbers this year. Challenge