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2nd Grade Spelling List #11
Word Practice Sentence Type
my I love my grandma. Basic
off When I go to her house, I take my shoes off. Basic
any There isn’t any grandma as fun as mine. Basic
the I like the games we play on the floor. Basic
will I will let her win if she races me in the yard. Basic
as I like her as much as I like watermelon. Basic
have We will have a great time walking around the neighborhood. Basic
was She was baking cookies when I arrived. Basic
said She said that I could help her bake cookies and I did. Basic
you I think you are coming to my grandma's house next weekend for dinner. Basic
important It’s really important to say thank you and please. Challenge
might I might have to leave early. Challenge
caterpillar I saw a fat green caterpillar in grandma's garden. Challenge