5th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #11

Fifth Grade Spelling List 11

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List 11
Word Practice Sentence Type
dear My dear sweet aunt always offers me candy. Basic
horseback I enjoy horseback riding. Basic
aloud The teacher read aloud. Basic
morning My morning went very smoothly. Basic
we’ve She knows we've been expecting you. Basic
image That image makes me feel happy. Basic
soccer The four boys couldn't wait for soccer season. Basic
trial The trial was set for next month. Basic
systems We tied all of the security systems together. Basic
points We received extra points for answering bonus questions. Basic
lodge The lodge was packed with skiers. Basic
numbers My favorite numbers are a secret. Basic
advice She came to me for advice. Basic
passes We all have hall passes. Basic
England Let's go to England to see the castles. Challenge
secretary The secretary typed letters all day. Challenge
although We brought the stray dog home, although we had reservations. Challenge
emperor The emperor gave orders with vigor. Challenge

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