5th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #5

List 5
Word Practice Sentence Type
exist I didn't even know that they still exist. Basic
know We know we are right. Basic
both I think both of them are sorry. Basic
age You can learn something new at any age. Basic
personal There's no need to get personal. Basic
I've I've always loved to walk on the beach. Basic
company We will start the company with our own money. Basic
Japanese My best friend is Japanese. Basic
choose I just can't choose between these shoes. Basic
run We will run away if we hear anything. Basic
TV The TV was left on all night. Basic
attention Please pay more attention to the teacher. Basic
race Let's race through the park. Basic
think We think it's best if you skip a grade. Basic
junior She is a junior partner in the law firm. Challenge
wouldn’t He wouldn't tell the secret to anyone. Challenge
equipment Our equipment is old and broken. Challenge
palindrome A palindrome can be read in either direction like the word mom. Challenge

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