5th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #20

List 20
Word Practice Sentence Type
problem There's no problem I can't solve. Basic
we'll She said we'll see her tomorrow. Basic
brought I brought him a gift. Basic
major The major gave orders sternly. Basic
basic Let's solve the basic problems first. Basic
great This soup is great. Basic
career My career is really taking off. Basic
voice I miss hearing your voice. Basic
annoy Is your brother trying to annoy you? Basic
elements We need to memorize the elements on the Periodic Table. Basic
each She said we could each have our own room. Basic
possible We will provide aid if possible. Basic
middle I am the middle child. Basic
sopranos We have twelve sopranos in the choir. Basic
excited We are excited to hear you sing. Challenge
declare I will declare my candidacy. Challenge
suddenly I suddenly felt sick. Challenge
Des Moines Des Moines is the capital of Iowa. Challenge

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