5th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #8

Fifth Grade Spelling List 8

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List 8
Word Practice Sentence Type
moment I will always remember this moment. Basic
courtesy It's common courtesy to say please and thank you. Basic
stock I own stock in that company. Basic
college My brother will go to college next year. Basic
whose I wonder whose boots were left outside. Basic
property I own a lot of property. Basic
hospital  Tina liked to volunteer at the hospital. Basic
treatment The treatment is approved by the government. Basic
towel My towel is too wet. Basic
peace I would like to see world peace. Basic
usually There are usually two helpers. Basic
family My family just moved here from Arizona. Basic
doesn't She doesn't know what she will do. Basic
given We have given a great deal of time to this project. Basic
nourish Eat more fruit to nourish your body. Challenge
audio-visual The audio-visual team was ready to set up. Challenge
pumpkin My pumpkin won a ribbon at the state fair. Challenge
responsibility It is my responsibility to teach you right from wrong. Challenge

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