5th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #6

Fifth Grade Spelling List 6

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List 6
Word Practice Sentence Type
waiting  We are waiting for the movie to start. Basic
meeting The meeting has been postponed. Basic
loaves The loaves of bread need time to cool. Basic
volunteers We may need more volunteers. Basic
wishing We keep wishing for more money. Basic
claim They claim that they are our relatives. Basic
walked We walked around the lake twice. Basic
time There isn't any time to think. Basic
today I will buy bread and milk today. Basic
growth The growth rate of these cells is astonishing. Basic
us We want you to come with us. Basic
anything I like anything with tomatoes on it. Basic
lobster We ate lobster in Maine. Basic
starfish Those starfish are cute. Basic
capitalize We will capitalize on this opportunity. Challenge
period I have English for second period. Challenge
religion Do you follow a particular religion? Challenge
languages She speaks three languages fluently. Challenge

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