5th Grade Spelling Words - Spelling List #13

Fifth Grade Spelling List 13

List 13
Word Practice Sentence Type
knew She knew how to knit. Basic
healing The scar was not healing well. Basic
clear The water was very clear. Basic
friendly The old man was kind and friendly. Basic
than We are better than the other team. Basic
deep The well is very deep. Basic
they’re We believe they're from Maryland. Basic
width The width of the board is twelve inches. Basic
cannot We cannot stand by and watch without saying something. Basic
budget The cost of the program was kept within budget. Basic
center Move to the center of the room. Basic
meaning The meaning of the book was discussed by the students. Basic
least At least we finished our group report early. Basic
Nebraska My farm is in Nebraska. Basic
piccolo The piccolo player danced as he played. Challenge
potatoes My potatoes are cold now. Challenge
avalanche The conditions were right for an avalanche. Challenge
succeed Hard work will help you succeed. Challenge

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