8th Grade Spelling Words - Eighth Grade Spelling Lists 11

Eighth Grade Spelling Lists

8th Grade Spelling List #11
Word Practice Sentence Type
embarrass Please don't embarrass me at the party. Basic
phantom The phantom seemed to disappear into thin air. Basic
develop We will develop a better strategy next quarter. Basic
convey I tried to convey my thoughts without emotion. Basic
regulation The regulation of industry is sometimes necessary. Basic
observant She is very observant. Basic
condition Our condition will improve soon. Basic
fervent Her fervent argument was well received. Basic
favorite My favorite color is green. Basic
remote I work from a remote location. Basic
veterinarian The veterinarian prescribed medicine for the cat. Basic
supporter You are my dearest supporter. Basic
abduct The word abduct is another word for kidnap. Basic
anymore I don't like karate class anymore. Basic
stance His stance was seen as too radical. Basic
mediate He tried to mediate a solution. Basic
affinity I have an affinity for chocolate. Challenge
subterranean The subterranean lair made a perfect hideout. Challenge
differentiate It's important to differentiate between the two sides. Challenge
pseudonym He used a pseudonym instead of his real name. Challenge
presumption The presumption you are making worries me. Challenge
indict They will indict him for his crimes today. Challenge