8th Grade Spelling Words - Eighth Grade Spelling Lists 15

Eighth Grade Spelling Lists

8th Grade Spelling List #15
Word Practice Sentence Type
submarine My little brother played with his submarine. Basic
ample We've had ample time to prepare for the meeting. Basic
occasionally We have desserts occasionally. Basic
commit We need to commit our resources now. Basic
hover The helicopter will hover over us for two minutes. Basic
excise The dentist will excise the bad tooth. Basic
generous I've always been generous. Basic
supersede The needs of the many will supersede my own needs. Basic
outspoken He is an outspoken critic of the government. Basic
infiltrate The soldier will infiltrate the fort. Basic
handsome He is more handsome than I remember. Basic
accomplish We need to accomplish something before the weekend. Basic
defect The old spy intended to defect. Basic
vulgar His vulgar behavior will not be tolerated. Basic
tuxedo My tuxedo is out of style. Basic
preliminary The preliminary hearings will be held next week. Basic
unavoidable Insulting her has become unavoidable. Challenge
vantage From my vantage point, we are all winners. Challenge
mutation The mutation will make the germ stronger. Challenge
conspicuous I tried to be conspicuous, but I was easily noticed. Challenge
procrastinate She can't procrastinate forever. Challenge
manifesto The original manifesto was taken to the museum. Challenge