8th Grade Spelling Words - Eighth Grade Spelling Lists 4

Eighth Grade Spelling Lists

8th Grade Spelling List #4
Word Practice Sentence Type
disgruntled The disgruntled employee quit his job. Basic
government The government makes laws. Basic
disaster The school play was a complete disaster. Basic
prescription I will pick up my prescription on the way home. Basic
impose I would hate to impose on your family. Basic
discipline The students were helping to write discipline guidelines. Basic
conclude Let's conclude with a short poem. Basic
eventually He eventually let me see his wound. Basic
assembly The assembly was loud and fidgety. Basic
persistent We must be persistent and get the information. Basic
scapegoat I'm not going to be anybody's scapegoat. Basic
forlorn She looks so forlorn after losing her kitten. Basic
bizarre The accident was unbelievable and bizarre. Basic
relevant The most relevant information should be on top. Basic
sufficient This data is sufficient. Basic
chartreuse I don't like the color chartreuse. Basic
strategy The strategy behind the plan will be revealed. Challenge
knowledgeable The saleswoman is extremely knowledgeable. Challenge
facetious Synonyms for facetious are sarcastic and humorous. Challenge
melancholy Please cheer up and stop being so melancholy. Challenge
occurrence The last occurrence of this kind was a hundred years ago. Challenge
unconscious He was found unconscious, but was revived at the hospital. Challenge