8th Grade Spelling Words - Eighth Grade Spelling Lists 9

Eighth Grade Spelling List 9

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Eighth Grade Spelling Lists

8th Grade Spelling List #9
Word Practice Sentence Type
sustenance We need to find sustenance and shelter quickly. Basic
condemnation The condemnation was swift and forceful. Basic
belittle Please don't belittle anyone. Basic
granddaughter My granddaughter won the science competition. Basic
beneficial The new rules are beneficial for everyone. Basic
coexist We can all coexist peacefully. Basic
enmity The enmity toward the opposite army was easy to spot. Basic
fortunate My good fortune has brought me to this place. Basic
mattress My mattress is old and needs to be replaced. Basic
negotiate I will negotiate a better deal. Basic
brink We are on the brink of a new discovery. Basic
absorb This sponge can absorb anything. Basic
conscience My conscience will not let me continue this work. Basic
proclaim The king intends to proclaim victory. Basic
impart There is some advice that I would like to impart to you. Basic
vengeance You must know that vengeance is not sweet. Basic
vandalism The school has been a target of vandalism. Challenge
ingenious His plan was ingenious. Challenge
preferential She is always given preferential treatment. Challenge
interdisciplinary The interdisciplinary committee sought action. Challenge
maneuver The car had to maneuver around the wreckage. Challenge
carnivorous The tiger is carnivorous. Challenge