8th Grade Spelling Words - Eighth Grade Spelling Lists 27

Eighth Grade Spelling Lists

8th Grade Spelling List #27
Word Practice Sentence Type
adjourn The meeting will adjourn at ten. Basic
finally We finally have all of our posts filled. Basic
hazard The storage of gasoline here has posed a hazard. Basic
regular These are regular length slacks. Basic
limousine The limousine was late. Basic
symbol This symbol was unknown to the researchers. Basic
stamina We had the stamina to reach the top of the mountain. Basic
cantaloupe I like cantaloupe and watermelon. Basic
Missouri Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri. Basic
pageant The pageant was won by the girl who plays the harp. Basic
accuse I would never accuse you of being dishonest. Basic
antisocial He's actually pretty antisocial. Basic
adapt We need to adapt to our new lifestyle. Basic
pedometer The pedometer appeared to be broken. Basic
judgment The judgment was unexpected. Basic
concur That judge always seems to concur with the others. Basic
privilege I have the privilege of introducing the guest. Challenge
annihilate The soldiers were sent to annihilate everything in their path. Challenge
reverberate The changes will reverberate throughout the community. Challenge
influence My influence only goes so far. Challenge
turquoise I will paint my doll house turquoise. Challenge
concede You have won; I must concede. Challenge