8th Grade Spelling Words - Eighth Grade Spelling Lists 18

Eighth Grade Spelling Lists

8th Grade Spelling List #18
Word Practice Sentence Type
unimaginative Her story was unimaginative. Basic
passage The passage led to a way out of the cave. Basic
robust The robust young man chopped all the wood by himself. Basic
believe I believe that you can achieve your dreams. Basic
peruse I will peruse these magazines while I wait. Basic
villain The villain had a maniacal laugh. Basic
accompany He will accompany me to the luncheon. Basic
invasion The invasion took the entire day. Basic
weird She always says that I am weird. Basic
infuse The chemists will infuse the perfume with lavender. Basic
pertinent Only these details are pertinent to the case. Basic
deductible The money given to charity is deductible. Basic
muster I will muster all of my strength to win the match. Basic
elite Only the elite could afford such a lavish meal. Basic
durable Denim is a durable material. Basic
amateur She's an amateur dancer. Basic
alleviate I want to alleviate any doubts you might have. Challenge
scant There is scant proof that anyone was here. Challenge
bureaucrat The bureaucrat brought many files to the meeting. Challenge
endanger I don't want to endanger anyone's life. Challenge
abstention The word abstention means the act of abstaining. Challenge
effervescent The cheerleader's effervescent personality was contagious. Challenge