8th Grade Spelling Words - Eighth Grade Spelling Lists 12

Eighth Grade Spelling Lists

8th Grade Spelling List #12
Word Practice Sentence Type
pulverize The machine will pulverize all of those rocks. Basic
radius The radius is easy to determine with the right formula. Basic
subdivision The subdivision will undergo improvements. Basic
conceal She tried to conceal her anger. Basic
cryptic The message was too cryptic to understand. Basic
efficient These light bulbs are more efficient. Basic
confide I must confide in the group and tell them my secret. Basic
restrict We will restrict access to the air base. Basic
compassion She has shown more compassion than anyone else. Basic
occupant The occupant will be evicted from the building. Basic
thunderstorm I couldn't sleep because the thunderstorm was so loud. Basic
punctual He is always so punctual. Basic
rigid The boards were too rigid. Basic
perspective My perspective has not changed. Basic
purify We will need to purify the water before we drink it. Basic
marvel I couldn't help but marvel at the architecture. Basic
anticipate I could not anticipate everyone's reaction. Challenge
accustomed We have grown accustomed to his behavior. Challenge
haggard She arrived from her long trip looking quite haggard. Challenge
subjugate His aim is to subjugate everyone. Challenge
placid In the early morning the lake was placid. Challenge
fabled The fabled goddess had a magical ring. Challenge