8th Grade Spelling Words - Eighth Grade Spelling Lists 30

Eighth Grade Spelling List 30

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Eighth Grade Spelling Lists

8th Grade Spelling List #30
Word Practice Sentence Type
probe The probe will look into management practices. Basic
convert I will show you how to convert this data. Basic
refrigerator The refrigerator should be replaced. Basic
inconvenience I am sorry for the inconvenience. Basic
suite This software suite covers all of your business needs. Basic
guarantee I guarantee you that you will be happy with this car. Basic
torment The torment of not knowing was too much to bear. Basic
pedigree This dog has a pedigree. Basic
rational Let's discuss this in a rational manner. Basic
echo Did you hear that echo? Basic
disintegrated The sand castle disintegrated when a big wave hit. Basic
New Hampshire The capital of New Hampshire is Concord. Basic
inscribe Let's inscribe our names on our rings. Basic
resign Let's inscribe our names on our rings. Basic
damage The damage is already done. Basic
aggravate There is no need to aggravate your sister. Basic
secede The province wanted to secede from the country. Challenge
opportune This is the most opportune time to start a new business. Challenge
hospitable The family was so warm and hospitable. Challenge
vanquish We will vanquish all the trolls from the land. Challenge
obnoxious His behavior is totally obnoxious. Challenge
revolting The old potato salad was completely revolting. Challenge