8th Grade Spelling Words - Eighth Grade Spelling Lists 20

Eighth Grade Spelling List 20

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Eighth Grade Spelling Lists

8th Grade Spelling List #20
Word Practice Sentence Type
justify I can't justify this expenditure. Basic
calligraphy The calligraphy was very beautiful. Basic
detain We will detain the prisoner. Basic
minimize I need to minimize the damage done. Basic
gigantic The gigantic whale splashed with his tail. Basic
thoroughly We thoroughly loved the show. Basic
transmit I will transmit the data in the morning. Basic
resentment He is full of resentment over the lost opportunity. Basic
intervene She will intervene on your behalf. Basic
centimeters Can you measure this leaf in centimeters? Basic
capture I will capture your king. Basic
sentiment Everyone's sentiment was understood. Basic
depress If you depress that button, we will be in big trouble. Basic
ungainly The ungainly man was a sight to see. Basic
vocation Studying a specific vocation can lead to a great career. Basic
obstruction We will hold you on obstruction of justice. Basic
junction The train junction was not taken care of well. Challenge
indisputable These facts are indisputable. Challenge
sanitary Is sharing cups really sanitary? Challenge
encourage I encourage you all to study hard. Challenge
synchronize Let's synchronize our watches now. Challenge
possessive She is very possessive when it comes to her puppy. Challenge