8th Grade Spelling Words - Eighth Grade Spelling Lists 14

Eighth Grade Spelling Lists

8th Grade Spelling List #14
Word Practice Sentence Type
mileage This car gets great gas mileage. Basic
hydrogen What is the symbol for hydrogen on the Periodic Table? Basic
collide Be careful or you will collide with that other boat. Basic
transfusion I was so ill that I needed a blood transfusion. Basic
bask I'd like to bask in the sun now. Basic
divergent Our ideas for the future are quite divergent. Basic
recession The recession has caused everyone economic trouble. Basic
sculpture The sculpture was placed in the main garden. Basic
cheerful She is always so cheerful and fun. Basic
impending The impending court date weighed heavily on him. Basic
candid It would be nice if you were more candid. Basic
throughout We placed toll collectors throughout the kingdom. Basic
cultural We are going to a cultural festival on Friday. Basic
despise I despise his need for power. Basic
revoke We will have to revoke your license if you break the law. Basic
reputation His reputation precedes him. Basic
amusing The children's play was amusing. Challenge
astute We found her to be surprisingly astute. Challenge
brutal The brutal warlord was feared by all. Challenge
perishable The fruit is perishable so please eat it soon. Challenge
narrate He will narrate the short film. Challenge
susceptible His weakened state makes him susceptible to illness. Challenge