8th Grade Spelling Words - Eighth Grade Spelling Lists 6

Eighth Grade Spelling Lists

8th Grade Spelling List #6
Word Practice Sentence Type
betray My dog will never betray me. Basic
attire The dance requires formal attire. Basic
everything I thought that everything was on sale. Basic
invade The hungry teenagers will invade the kitchen. Basic
outcome The outcome will be measured for future use. Basic
overrated The haunted house was really overrated. Basic
impression The impression I got was that he wants to buy the company. Basic
conclusion My conclusion is based on scientific research. Basic
satisfaction I have gotten a lot of satisfaction from volunteering. Basic
concert The concert started late. Basic
sympathy I would like to express my sympathy to your family. Basic
waver The army will never waver. Basic
cymbal I don't want to play the cymbal today. Basic
elude I was tired and my thoughts seemed to elude me. Basic
underrated The roller coaster is severely underrated. Basic
therapy My therapy includes special exercises. Basic
volatile The political situation is volatile. Challenge
bewilderment To my bewilderment, she agreed to go fishing. Challenge
solemn I gave everyone my solemn promise. Challenge
coeducational The dorms are coeducational. Challenge
ambitious She is more ambitious than I am. Challenge
liaison I have been appointed as special liaison. Challenge