7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 1

List 1
Word Practice Sentence Type
deprive Kim doesn’t want to deprive her sister of fun. Basic
academy The academy only accepts the top five percent of students. Basic
appreciate Marie can appreciate fine art when she sees it. Basic
advice My best advice is to do your homework. Basic
tragedy The accident was a real tragedy. Basic
argued We argued for hours. Basic
gazelle A gazelle ran swiftly through the grass. Basic
official The official reason was still being disputed. Basic
favorite What is your favorite type of soup? Basic
identity His identity would always remain a mystery. Basic
controlled The outcome of the experiment could not be controlled. Basic
inherit You will inherit a huge estate. Basic
evaluate A supervisor came to evaluate the teacher. Basic
collision The unexpected collision sent both boys to the nurse’s office. Basic
technology The new technology has made everyone’s job easier. Basic
Argentina Argentina is in South America. Basic
nonessential A luxury item is nonessential. Challenge
cross-examination The cross-examination room is very intimidating. Challenge
Connecticut Have you ever been to Connecticut? Challenge
discourage Never discourage someone’s dreams. Challenge
binoculars You need binoculars to see the whales on the horizon. Challenge
shirked It would seem that she has shirked her responsibility. Challenge

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