7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 15

Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 15
Word Practice Sentence Type
exhibit He tends to exhibit aggressive behavior. Basic
participate Will you participate in the math competition? Basic
package Larry should be receiving a care package soon. Basic
trend Painting the inside of your home green used to be a popular trend. Basic
pronounce How do you pronounce your last name? Basic
abbreviation Each state has an abbreviation. Basic
respectively The sisters were named Ruth and Barb, respectively. Basic
improvement Data indicated that there was still room for improvement. Basic
interior The interior of the home was destroyed. Basic
triangle A triangle has three sides. Basic
asteroid The biggest asteroid is five hundred and eighty miles in diameter. Basic
cafeteria The principal’s office is next to the cafeteria. Basic
musician The musician played very well. Basic
deodorant She packed her gym bag with clothes and deodorant. Basic
motorist The motorist was not supposed to be speeding. Basic
executive My mother is an executive at a large corporation. Basic
occasion This is only for a special occasion. Challenge
adverse The adverse circumstances made everything more difficult. Challenge
introspective The events forced him to become more introspective. Challenge
technically He is not technically inclined. Challenge
accomplice The accomplice was caught and put in jail. Challenge
questionnaire This questionnaire was too long. Challenge