7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 21

Seventh Grade Spelling List 21

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Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 21
Word Practice Sentence Type
abandon Don’t abandon your post. Basic
Easter Will you come over on Easter? Basic
completely I completely understand the process of elimination. Basic
disruptive The disruptive student got into trouble. Basic
harass Did he harass you over last week's game? Basic
grim The outlook was very grim and everyone had lost hope. Basic
competition There is a chess competition after school today. Basic
decrease Let's decrease the amount of this chemical and see what happens. Basic
dictator A dictator ruled the country. Basic
elastic The pajama pants had an elastic waistband. Basic
hybrid The hybrid car impressed buyers. Basic
haggle It's customary to haggle over the price of clothing in some countries. Basic
verdict The judge read the verdict out loud. Basic
multiple There are multiple ways to complete this task. Basic
lagoon The lagoon was a great place to fish. Basic
semicircle I drew a semicircle. Basic
hilarious I found the joke to be quite hilarious. Challenge
gruesome The gruesome book left nothing to the imagination. Challenge
homage The band paid homage to their favorite jazz singer. Challenge
hospitable I enjoy visiting you because you are so hospitable. Challenge
contaminate An oil spill can contaminate the ocean water. Challenge
despondent My boss was despondent but I tried to cheer her up. Challenge