7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 14

Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 14
Word Practice Sentence Type
expressed The mayor expressed his concerns about the new highway. Basic
improvise We need to improvise for now. Basic
interrupt Please don't interrupt the speaker. Basic
supposedly We are supposedly going to the zoo tomorrow. Basic
superior You have superior spelling skills! Basic
procedure The procedure was outlined in the handbook. Basic
supposed I'm supposed to vacuum the floor daily. Basic
December December is cold in Maine. Basic
horrifying Breaking my arm was a horrifying experience. Basic
intention My intention was to help you. Basic
traveling Will you be traveling soon? Basic
imaginary Cleo has an imaginary friend. Basic
ravioli Do you want ravioli or spaghetti for dinner? Basic
orphan The orphan found a new home. Basic
diamond I have a small diamond ring. Basic
academic Our academic achievements have been noticed by many. Basic
amphibian A frog is an amphibian. Challenge
condominium My friend has a condominium in Florida. Challenge
precipitation We will learn to measure precipitation in science class. Challenge
bachelor The bachelor spent most of his time working. Challenge
pseudonym A pseudonym is a made up name. Challenge
argumentative He suddenly became very argumentative. Challenge