7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 27

Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 27
Word Practice Sentence Type
biweekly I receive this publication biweekly. Basic
bribery He was charged with bribery and money laundering. Basic
potential Her potential as a student was about to be realized. Basic
presume I presume that you will be available next week. Basic
fulfill I'm not sure if we can fulfill all of these orders. Basic
explode The rocket was designed to explode. Basic
stationary I rode on that stationary bike for twenty minutes. Basic
random The events seemed random. Basic
radiant She looked radiant. Basic
emergency Don't call unless it's an emergency. Basic
secretary The secretary finished the reports on time. Basic
prior Have you had any job offers prior to this one? Basic
lantern The lantern swayed in the wind. Basic
detect I detect a hint of jealousy. Basic
bayou My great uncle lived out on the bayou. Basic
ranting He paced around ranting about everything. Basic
departure His departure made everyone cry. Challenge
cowardice His cowardice was only recently apparent. Challenge
ordinary This is a very ordinary cat. Challenge
elementary She will attend elementary school in the fall. Challenge
predatory The lion displayed a predatory response. Challenge
simultaneously The girl played many instruments simultaneously. Challenge