7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 28

Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 28
Word Practice Sentence Type
intermittent I kept hearing an odd intermittent beep. Basic
deteriorate My vision is starting to deteriorate. Basic
evaluation Her evaluation is going to be next Friday. Basic
complement These shoes complement that dress. Basic
respectfully I respectfully disagree with that statement. Basic
personality My dad has a witty personality. Basic
dictated The manager dictated to the assistant. Basic
nieces How many nieces do you have? Basic
sham The new company was a complete sham. Basic
depart The plane won’t depart for two more hours. Basic
approximately There are approximately twenty marbles in my jar. Basic
heard Have you heard the great the news? Basic
triple I am going to triple your pay. Basic
bicycle My bicycle had a flat tire on the way to school today. Basic
witnesses How many witnesses were there? Basic
wrestling We didn’t do well at the state wrestling competition. Basic
substantial We've had a substantial amount of rain this month. Challenge
stodgy The country club had plenty of stodgy fellows roaming around. Challenge
successfully The mission was completed successfully. Challenge
concentration My concentration was broken by a strange loud noise. Challenge
directory The directory contains everyone's phone numbers. Challenge
recognize Do you recognize anyone in this picture? Challenge