7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 8

Seventh Grade Spelling List 8

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Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 8
Word Practice Sentence Type
emotional Let's not get too emotional. Basic
pretzel I had a pretzel when I visited Philadelphia. Basic
society Our society is technologically advanced. Basic
moral We have a moral obligation to help others. Basic
motive The motive is still a mystery. Basic
cargo The ship was carrying lost cargo. Basic
reaction Her reaction was severe. Basic
sympathize I had to sympathize with him. Basic
iceberg The boat hit an iceberg and sank. Basic
generosity Emma showed her generosity by donating to charity. Basic
colleges That is one of my favorite colleges. Basic
Halloween The stores are already selling Halloween decorations. Basic
inspiring Your work is inspiring to others. Basic
concession The concession stand was open all evening. Basic
audience The audience gave the performer a standing ovation. Basic
mythology I enjoy reading books about mythology. Basic
hospitality Her hospitality is second to none. Challenge
ingredients We needed more ingredients than expected. Challenge
adherent This new chemical will act as an adherent. Challenge
restaurant I'd like to open a restaurant. Challenge
acquittal The acquittal didn't surprise anyone. Challenge
penicillin Have you taken penicillin? Challenge