7th Grade Spelling Words - Seventh Grade Spelling List 16

Seventh Grade Spelling Lists

List 16
Word Practice Sentence Type
elasticity A rubber band’s elasticity allows it to stretch. Basic
calculator A calculator can help you complete your assignment more quickly. Basic
country’s A country’s flag is symbolic to its people. Basic
generous We had generous donations at the soup kitchen this year. Basic
parachute He will pack a parachute for the jump. Basic
already I have worked for ten hours already today. Basic
inspector The home inspector found nothing wrong. Basic
brochure I have made a brochure for you. Basic
identical The sisters were identical twins. Basic
judgment The judgment was handed down swiftly. Basic
injection The injection saved the person’s life. Basic
mandatory The mandatory meeting was supposed to last only twenty minutes. Basic
jaguar A jaguar is a beautiful large cat. Basic
nonfiction I prefer to read nonfiction over fiction. Basic
cruel Please don't be cruel. Basic
guacamole I always get a side of guacamole with my nachos. Basic
persecution The villagers crossed the border to flee persecution. Challenge
maneuver I had to maneuver around the rocks while rafting. Challenge
advertise The company will need to advertise on television more. Challenge
acquisition The acquisition went smoothly. Challenge
unyielding The rain was unyielding. Challenge
mayonnaise I like mayonnaise on my sandwiches. Challenge